Spa Services

Top Quality Pampering


At Zelda’s we believe in treating the whole person, mind, body and soul through beauty regimens. We deliver quality service with great pricing in a relaxing atmosphere. All services can be customized for your individual needs.

Effective treatment for reduction in stress, pain relief, avoidance, muscle relaxation, and increased blood circulation.




30 mins.



60 mins.

Deep Tissue


60 mins.



60 mins.



Relax and rejuvenate the entire body through the pressure points of the feet.

45 mins.

Hot Stone / Body Wrap


60 mins.

Spa Membership


(Entitles member to 1 full body relaxation massage per month)

Spa Membership


(Entitles member to 2 full body relaxation massages per month)

Sauna Services

$45 per session

Detoxification – Weight Loss – Heart Health – Relaxation – Pain Relief – Anti- Aging – Cell Health/Immunity – Wound Healing

3 Sauna Sessions


That is $40 per session

6 Sauna Sessions


That is $40 per session

Stress Releasing Massage and Colon Cleanse

1 Hour Integrated Massage and 1 Hour Colon Cleanse Session $120

Our partnership with our next-door neighbor Soulful Cleanse gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a satisfying full body deep tissue detoxifying massage. This massage also stimulates the abdominal area in preparation for the colon cleanse session which is directly after the massage.

This package is perfect for those with a stubborn colon & thus in need of the additional abdominal stimulation.

Makes for a great gift as well as a great his and hers session.  Great for girls day spa as well.

*Why do both consecutively: The massage stimulates the peristalsis, loosens some of the impacted fecal matter, and removes toxins through the skin. Then, the colon cleanse further removes toxins through the colon. This makes for a very relaxing and light-feeling after-effects.

*Please attempt to book a week in advance to provide ample time for the date and time frame of your choice.


We look forward to servicing you soon.